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A bed with a peaceful sea view… A private balcony among the clouds... A dreamy and embroidered beach... We invite you to an Aegean fairytale which is full of love, peace and romance in the heart of Bodrum with its delicious breakfast table equipped with local flavors.


These are 25 m2 ground floor rooms. It is close to the beach. Deluxe rooms are ideal for guests who do not prefer stairs in their daily life with their balconies with sea and nature views, flat level that open right outside and practical structures.

The Deluxe Terrace Rooms are 20 m2., which has a seating group of the common terrace at the entrance of the room with a full sea view, is a reason for preference for family and friends group.

The Deluxe Balcony Rooms 25 m2 and have their own private balcony. In these rooms, designed for our guests who are fond of their autonomy and enjoyment, when you wake up in your bed with a sea view that has all shades of blue, you wish time to be stopped, accompanied by the sounds of the waves.


Our tranquil and pleasant beach, far from the well-known Beach Club structure, in the most popular area of ​​Bodrum; You will be a regular customer with its location and style in the form of an autonomous bay of 2500 m2. You will not want to get out of the water with the open sea inviting you while swimming across to Didim view. While you are enjoying the sun, music will be waiting for you all day long with a live DJ performance. True to its name, La Local Beach will cool you with the local beach breeze and rarely entertain you with its waves.


We collect our black olives from Bursa Gemlik during the winter months and process them as brine. We obtain our olive oil by squeezing the olives we collect from Ayvalık Burhaniye and Bodrum Mumcular in cold-pressed oil houses. With the experience of our father, Recep Vurucular, who is the 3rd generation business manager of a family who is a food wholesaler and dairy business, we collect many food products from their branches and present them to your table. We make our butter by kneading milk cream. We boil all our jams such as Bodrum Tangerine, eggplant, watermelon peel, pumpkin, carrot, strawberry and grape. We procure our meat from large and small cattle that we take care of from breeding to slaughter and manufacture our sausage and meatballs. In the morning, we take out our breads and pitas from our stone oven. We offer our Kayıntı breakfasts, which we have carefully prepared to all our guests, as a mixed breakfast overlooking the sea and we say that you don’t get up without getting full. Let us bring it to your table, as much as you want from the product you want ..

Kayıntı Breakfast

We make our butter by kneading milk cream and boil all our jams such as Bodrum Tangerine, eggplant and watermelon rind by ourselves.

Beach Fish Restaurant

You will be accompanied by our fire burning on the beach, moonlight, sparkles, rippling waves and pleasant music at your dinners on the beach or on the viewing terrace.


You will be a regular visitor of our calm and pleasant beach, far from the known Beach Club structure, in the most popular area of ​​Bodrum, with its autonomous bay of 2500 m2 and its style.

Happy Hour

While you are enjoying the sun, you will be accompanied by live DJ performances and quality music all day long; you will rest and have fun.


Starting from the front of the hotel, you can take walks to Palmarina through the pleasant beach road, and you can reach Bodrum's most trendy places practically.

Kallavi Restaurant

Our restaurant takes its name from the large size of our meatballs; Kallavi Meatballs. You should try our special products Kallavi meatballs and Kallavi Burger .


Adress: Yalıkavak Mahallesi Sanatçı Evleri Sokak no:14, 48400 Bodrum/Muğla